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(MAFIAA = Music And Film Industry Association of America)

The labels and their lackeys/umbrella organizations (like the BPI / RIAA / IFPI etc) are no more than a huge scam on the global creative and innovative sectors. They defraud musicians and other actual creators of their wages, defraud the government with "Hollywood accounting" and they destroy jobs in different sectors around the world for nothing more than their self entitled "right" to obscene profits off the backs of others.

In this time of economic downturns they still feel it is their right to leech off the hardworking people around the globe.
They seem to think that the average Joe and Jane should toil at our jobs just to funnel our earnings into their coffers... and since that brilliant plan is not working out so well for them, they run to the corrupt and ignorant politicians (who they helped put in power) for help.

Just like the bankers who played with other peoples jobs and lives to make sure the executives at the banks got their bonuses, the movie and music industries are willing to sacrifice everyone elses jobs / careers and lives rather than adapt to the times and offer consumers products at a fair price and in a timely manner.

It must be nice when you can ask politicians to save your high paying executive jobs at the cost of everyone elses livelihood - but then again; luxury cars, boats, mansions, cocaine, that 9th apartment in a far off place that you might vacation to next year again and hookers don't pay for themselves so something... just... must... be... done.

Too bad there are people like us who will always work hard to shutter the local MAFIAA's Entitlement 'R Us shops.

In this economic climate the internet is far too important to millions of people and millions of jobs to let it be fragmented and killed by ignorant and / or corrupted politicians and their deep pocketed backers.

The internet is inhabited by the most creative people who use it for commerce, job creation as well as free speech.
The MAFIAA eye this like a scarred monster looking at an untouched fairy and will try to do anything to bury this "unnatural beast", because they are jealous and sick of her beauty.

We refuse to be idle while a minority who refuses to innovate OR move with the times and motivated by greed, tries to kill mankind's greatest creation.


" A government, for protecting business only, is but a carcass,
and soon falls by its own corruption and decay.  "




Note: We are short on time and just have a lot to do in our personal lives, we know this FAQ is not organized, we hope to fix it at a later date when we get more time.
The same for spelling and grammar mistakes but if you want to be a 'grammar/spelling na zi' feel free to send us the correct text + where to update it, and we will.

What is it?

Well, it started as a simple way to use multiple proxies (that automatically keep switching from one to the other) when Googling or surfing the net so you "couldn't be tracked". It was meant to be a simple way to flip the bird to the various companies who like tracking you to bombard you with ads and other "location based services" or want to sell your "surfing habits" to other unscrupulous companies.
(Read the full story here)

We had quite a few problems during this project, the original idea was to release it in 3-4 weeks, but little did we know that this was a jinxed project.
A hard disk crash, one of our dev's kids in hospital, a person near to us getting a stroke, devs on vacation, unemployment, 1 developer from our group quitting, two OS re-installs and money problems later it kind of downed on us just how jinxed it was.

Why do I mention this? To explain to you why it didn't occur to us that we could use this to get around any DNS or IP blocks nearly any country puts up!

We were sitting, with a "working concept" copy of something that totally derailed the harmful legislation that could come in proposed laws like PIPA and SOPA... and had no idea of what we had.
Once it did hit us, jinx or no jinx... we were going to do it!

Ok.., so what the heck is it?
It's a simple way to get around any IP or DNS blocks morons and corrupt (or just really really reallllly moronic) politicians put up after getting paid by certain groups (MAFIAA) .


BTGuard - BitTorrent Anonymously


As easy as our first extension:
Install, 2 clicks of configuration (we call them "triggers", read on to find out why)... that's it!

The configuration screen pops up as you install the extension, it's so simple there is no need for any kind of tutorial to understand it!

In the background what it does is:
It connects to our servers and downloads a bunch of proxies (and we have collected _thousands_ of proxies, we will keep rotating them so you never get the same proxy twice / often).
Every time you visit one of the sites you specified in the configuration part (mentioned above) it "triggers" the extension to use one of those proxies that was downloaded in step 1 and automatically takes you there. (See why we call them triggers?)

Simple isn't it? It's so simple we wondered for a long time why didn't anybody think of this... but then again, that's the same question that we asked ourselves when we created the "MAFIAAFire Redirector" (our first addon).
Then again, few others look for tech solutions to these political problems like we do.

It's also why it's so hard to stop.

A proxy site is extremely easy to set up: buy cheapo hosting, download free software, upload it to your hosting account, run the configuration script and hey... a new proxy site is born!

When we started looking around, we saw that thousands of people from nearly every part of the connected globe have set up proxies.

The important thing is thousands of people hosting on computers outside the US have set up proxies... now it's just a simple matter of connecting to these proxies via our extension - and that's what it does. Automagically! (Note: we just used a little magic and this extension has no rounded corners.)

Since any calls to these "trigger sites" the extension automatically (automagically?) routes through the proxy site/s, they again make the ham fisted attempts to censor the internet by the RIAA/MPAA (I repeat) as useless as the RIAA/MPAA are to mankind.


The best thing about this extension... is it's effects will be felt in many places around the globe.

Let me explain: The MAFIAA sponsored companies are taking many ISPs to court saying they must block site X (usually ThePirateBay) and the ISPs have warned the court that getting past these blocks are trivial, the MAFIAA sponsored companies then counter saying that it's not so trivial and the user must navigate a myriad of technology to do so... well, not any more... all she has to do is install an extension!
3 clicks, no typing and the extension is installed - it's harder to get more simple than this.
One of our grannies did the install and configurated it in under 55 seconds! We challenge your granny to beat that!

There ya go ISPs, a freebie for you - now be good to your customers and sock it to the SOBs. Oh, donations are welcome as well!


Original purpose...

As you have probably guessed, we are very happy with this new extension.
Even more so because it serves it's original purpose as well in giving the full  internet experience to the citizens of many countries like China and France who have "national firewalls". This also sends a clear message to other countries experimenting with national firewalls of their own, like:

The UK
New Zealand

and a couple more that escape our memory right now.

India will be affected as well. There seems to be a distrubing trend where local ISPs simply blocked/blackholed international sites when a new "blockbuster movie" is going to be released. This plugin ensures that the visitor will get to the site/s he wants regardless of such stupid behaviour .

Our second goal was for this to make tracking your browsing habits online (by search engines or other sites) almost impossible because the proxies keep changing automatically - the extension meets that goal and does that very well too!

Please note, if you use the extension trigger for Google you may have trouble accessing your Gmail (because they have integrated it with "") this was done on purpose by us, it's not a bug. A proxy should not be used to check your email (bad security) if you do not know who controls it. Since these proxies are run by people we do not know...
To access gmail as normal simply disable the google trigger.


Why TPB dancing?

Well, we thought it was quite funny for many reasons, some of which are:
The tagline from the Dirty Dancing movie (and very famous in Sweden) was "Nobody puts baby in a corner", we wanted to play on those words as "Nobody puts TPB in the corner" - thats our baby, b*tch!

We like the way the proxies automatically change...or dance from one to the other!

The movie was heavily 'music based' with a very successful soundtrack and there is also a musical of the same name - which is sure to irritate the RIAA.

It's based off a movie - sure to irritate the MPAA as well!

"TPB dancing" - taken literally, it should irritate all those who want to kill it.
Imagine you wanted to intimidate something, but instead of it cowering and hiding it turns around, looks you in the face... and dances!

Although loosely connected to TPB, it puts TPB back in the headlines - exactly where the MAFIAA don't want it to be. Everytime TPB is in the headlines it's traffic spikes!

We took inspiration from the late George Carlin who wrote the book "When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?"
According to Carlin that simple title was offensive to Christians, Jews, Muslims, animal lovers like PETA as well as vegeterians and others. Simply genius!

At MAFIAAFire, our very existance is to kick the MAFIAA in between their legs in any which way we can,whenever we can, we doubt we could have come up with a better title to irritate them.


Which extension next?

This is probably going to be our last extension.

No, it's not because we are packing up and going home, we have found "another path" that does not depend on extensions but should still make a difference while being less "central".

We have no real use for fame (we are largely anonymous with just one person being the "voice/face" of MAFIAAFire) and this is not a business so we are not selling anything or making any money.

Our next "releases" will probably be our ideas in "working concepts" in the form of ideas with their open source code.

We are going to re-invent ourselves as a "research company" - MAFIAAFire Research.

The thinking is we give you the idea and the code, take it, make your own programs/plugins/extensions/mobile apps etc with it, in this way there is no single point of failure.

The most dangerous thing to the people who want to keep you boxed up are ideas on how to unbox yourself, we will share our ideas as well as giving you a solid footing on implementing them in the form of free code and working apps so you can see the concept "in action" before improving on it in whatever way you see fit.

We will continue to open different cans of worms... and we are hoping you will serve it up with a side of whup-ass to the MAFIAA!

BTGuard - BitTorrent Anonymously

Is this legal?

Using a proxy is not illegal in any way or form if just visiting a normal website.

We could write a virus or other malware with the MAFIAA as the target but we choose not to go down the virus/malware/botnet/DDOS route. All our software is open source and malware free - we are breaking NO laws.

As we have seen with our first extension, the "MAFIAAFire Redirector" redirection is completely legal as well, in fact even ICE had to slink away with their forked tails inbetween their legs when they tried to take it down - because there is no law currently in the books that make using a proxy or redirection on the internet illegal.

But what if SOPA/ACTA/PIPA/COICA or what ever other BS pass and it then becomes illegal?

Well, the MAFIAA may hire someone who is not a total scumbag and ICE may get tired of being the MAFIAA's little p!sspot goons... but we are not going to wait for that or waste a second of our time thinking about "what may..." or "what if...".

It's not illegal even in the United States of Corporate America to make a large/main part of a proposed law useless before it happens... more so when not a single person is even sure something like that law will pass.

We also have a nice little notice that pops up (in red) when you install the extension telling you not to use it for illegal purposes, if you choose to ignore that, that's up to you. We do not support our code to be used for illegal purposes - educational purposes are fine, illegal purposes are not.

The extension does not do anything till you configure it immediately after you install it, anyway. It's just a tool like a hammer or pen knife - it can be used for good and/or bad, you choose.
( The above is what happens when you speak to lawyers before releasing something :P )


Nicely done... but domain seizures are just one small part of SOPA/PIPA

So true! Those are horribly written laws with more manure in it than a constipated cow... but, it's a start.

Everyone starts from step 1 and we are no different, just be assured that we are already working on tackling some of SOPA/PIPA's other "objectives". We plan to make those prospective laws toothless bullet point by bullet point with "software solutions".

A lot of these solutions we would not have thought of or considered had it not been for the constant whining and pressure from the the greedy MAFIAA - but that's "unintented consequences" for you.
Perhaps we should thank them, because by the time this is over, we predict they would have strengthed the very thing they are trying to kill.









High value information

Un-surprisingly we are routinely contacted by people who are working in the very organizations that we are fighting (the MAFIAA) with information. A lot of these people realize they have been swindled and lied to, have seen the light so want to make amends.

If you happen to be one of these people and have information for us please e-mail us _only_ in an encrypted way, our PGP public key can be found by clicking here.

Any information we receive will be kept in the strictest of confidence and we never reveal our sources, please also note that you are not the only one giving us information from within ;)

While we welcome any information from you, kindly note that because of our other inside contacts false information will easily be weeded out, so it's just not worth your time and energy to try to do so.[Top]






But... but... but they can just block the proxy list servers:

Yes they can ( and yes, we know we are helping them here, but we are so many steps ahead of these stup... people, its like shooting fish in a barrel - after you empty the water) and we are very curious as to what laws they will use to do so.

Oh, and we have a solution cooked up as well! (- or we would not mention the above; we're full of it.., but not stooopid!)

To know the solution though, you have to subscribe your e-mail (or sign up on our forum) - we promise you won't get any e-mail from us till the scummy people make their move.

" Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.  "

Pretty good MAFIAAFire, 4 extensions of which 3 don't suck!

Yes, we admit we dropped the ball on one... but who said we were done? Heck We are just getting started with PIPA/SOPA and corruption at the highest levels!


BTGuard - BitTorrent Anonymously

Where's the version for Chrome? or <...> browser?

As usual, the chrome version will come a bit later. We usually release the Chrome version after we get enough donations to hire someone else to port it.
We also specifically made this Firefox only as Mozilla stood up to the bullies before, this is our hat tip to them for walking the walk after talking the talk.

I can't remember where I read this but it went something like this:
Chrome has speed, Opera has the development community but Firefox... has b*lls of steel!

Even if we get a ton of donations we will not make the Chrome extension till past the 11th of the following month from the time this hits the mainstream press; in respect of the 11 questions that Mozilla asked the paid goons of the MAFIAA - which saw them run with their tails in between their legs, like the cowards they are.







But what if they...?

Let me cut you short here and just say, whatever "they" do, we'll kick their behinds.










Who could back such horrible laws?

The problem is that these bad apples are (usually) forgotten in time, the people who put these laws forward just move forward with hardly a person remembering what they tried to do.

No more, we are going to name names and put pictures up starting with the three who are responsible for backing the job and creative killing legislation known as SOPA. We will update this list as / if any other ignorant and/or corrupt politicians add their names to this SOPA (fun fact; "Sopa" means 'garbage' in Swedish).

This is a direct message to the people involved:

scumbag Lamar S Smith

Lamar S Smith


Looking like, and having the smile of the result of an experiment on inbreeding still gives you no right to go full retard on the American people.

The first thing you should be ashamed of doing is standing in front of that flag, because you are nothing but a traitor to the people that that flag represents. That flag represents the people who trusted you to lookout for them and carried you on their shoulders to office thinking you would be there for them not sell yourself like a streetwalker to the highest bidder.

A lot of good men and women have died to make that flag shine and wave proudly in the wind, you taint their name and memory by having it in the same picture as you.



scumbag john conyers

John Conyers

Mr Conyers,
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." 
It seems this is a classic case of history repeating itself, after all it really has not been all that long since a black man sold his own people down the river, has it?

When a nation is fighting among itself so that the 99% don't continue to get totally exploited by the 1% I guess you just had to throw your hat in to show you were worthy to join in that 1% - if it ever came to that.

It's good to see you stand up there to prove that ignorance and/or corruption is not just a white man's game.

Good job, you certainly showed them - perhaps you should go back to reading your daily newspaper and leave what you don't understand or appreciate alone.



Scumbag Bob Goodlatte

Bob Goodlatte

While looking at your picture the very first thought that crossed our mind was "possible pedo".
But rather than pick on how you looked as they can be taken as as "cheap shots" and get lost in the message, we will try our best to go past that. Even though in the picture you look like you are enjoying the smell of your own flatulence ( according to friends who saw the picture while we were writing this FAQ).

The thing is, looking completely mentally handi... no, lets use the right word here as it's most appropriate;
retarded in a picture is not really your fault. But acting as retarded as you have with your staunch standing behind SOPA when people far more intelligent than you have mentioned how bad it is... makes us believe it's almost criminal negligence that you don't have to wear a helmet the entire day so you don't hurt yourself or others.

Looking at your history in what your supported (like the Patriot Act and other unconstitutional bills) we just cannot understand what the good people of the US of A have done to deserve a person like you.
Glancing at your history one could easily be forgiven for saying you put the 'douche' in 'douche bag' but we would rather think of you as the right guy to write the book "How to eat big business' poop and pretend it's honey".

I guess you would also be the person to approach if we ever have the question "how to suck mega bucks from big content while sucking on something else".

To say you are a disgrace to your country would be one of the biggest understatements of all time.
People like you give your "profession" a bad name.


To everyone out there, the thousands of visitors we get every month and the tens of thousands of visitors we are sure to get once this and our other stuff is released:

Take a good look at the three above faces and remember them.

These are the people who have publicly supported industries who in turn support and want to foster child porn on the internet.
Why? Because it makes good business sense to support child porn - if it can bring in a couple of dollars more.

And yes, this is the same industry who have sued single parents, the elderly, pre-teens (I belive the youngest child they sued was 12 years old), colleage kids, the unemployed, the sick/dying/depressed and even... the dead.

Not that we blame them of course, the dead are known to enjoy a little naughty filesharing now and again... but just to top that off, these cartels have used the same flawed methods to catch a bunch of printers in the act!

Dead people and printers.., who knows how much damage they would have done had they not been stopped!!!

How much have they payed for those mistakes? Nothing.
How much the MAFIAA want you to pay per song that you share? $150,000.

These are the kind of people Lamar S Smith, John Conyers and Bob Goodlatte support.





Hey Sarkozy!
Quick question for you... Why the long face?

Oops, I guess I too would have a long face if a bunch of newspapers said my wife was banging someone else!





BTGuard - BitTorrent Anonymously





What next?

Domain and IP blacklisting is just one part of PIPA/SOPA there are other parts, and we have already found solutions to some of them. We told you this the first and we are going to repeat: MAFIAAFire is not going away. Expect more from us...

Even if this domain gets seized by the goons.

We also have some surprises coming up (can't be all work and no play!) follow us on YouTube and Twitter to partake in the fun as we take on the MAFIAA and each and every one of their politician backers!

Through constant lobbying and bribi... donations, the MAFIAA have accumulated a lot of political friends through the years and are now calling in favors. Other than the three sold out politicians named above we shall constantly and dilligently name and shame each and every one of their other "friends" who join in.

The internet is all about sharing and politicians are supposed to be our public servants... well, we think it's time we share their names with you when they take sides / actions that are not in your (the public) best interest.











What if the MAFIAA find out about...?

We actually wrote to the MPAA and the RIAA as well as the IFPI telling them we were going to make domain an IP blacklisting useless, months back. Perhaps they did not take us seriously... next time they probably will.

The fact is, these people are stupid and depend on fear and intimidation to get their message across.

We don't fear them nor are we intimidated by them - the fact of how easily we hop, skip and jump over their ham fisted attempts says more about our intelligence with relation to theirs; which is silly because we are not even the most talented or brainy programmers out there, not even close.

There is some real talent out there like the elite in Anonymous, if only they got their sh*t together and actually took on the MAFIAA seriously, they could make a real difference.

Unfortunately Anon does what Anon does and we have no idea how to change their (beautiful) 'hive' minds or direction.

We hold regular jobs and work on this in our part time. If we did not have regular jobs we could have probably released this in days and had another release to kick their proposed laws every few days.

Do not fear these horrible people, they are fueled with nothing but greed and hide in the darkness - shine some light into their world and watch them running like rats.


BTGuard - BitTorrent Anonymously

Want some free money? / I have a proxy, how do I get on your list?

This "service" is all about using public and freely accessible proxies so if you have a proxy contact us and we'll see about adding you to the list (the list rotates the proxies every few days so everyone gets a chance).

In fact if you would like some free traffic, setup a new proxy site, put some ads on it, and we'll send you the traffic! Free!!!

We are not bothered about the money you make via your site, that's your business, we don't want any 'cut' of it either, as long as it offers the "unblocked" version of the internet we will send you bucket loads of traffic from our extensions... that you can convert to free money!

Conditions apply, for example:
No porn ads / only family safe ads
No malware or browser exploits
Maximum one popup/pop under per hour for the visitor
No click jacking
Maximum one ad on top and one on the bottom - respect thy visitor.
No flash ads
No re-redirecting the visitor, he came for something (the proxy service), give it to him.
You should NOT be affiliated with us in any way: No friends, family, advertisers, business partners, EXs or even pets!

Proxies outside of the US/UK will be given priority (and probably more traffic).












I want free money... but I don't have a proxy :(

No worries!

Contact us and we'll show you how easy it is to setup a proxy!

We are making a tutorial on this (check, but it will just have to wait while we get some stuff done - in the meantime, email us, we will show you ALL steps from zero to end! Free! Nothing up front, nothing later!

The short answer if you can google is:

Buy a hosting package (make sure the host is cool with you running a proxy service, ask them before buying)
Download Glype from
Upload the files to your server
Follow the instructions in the glype installation file
You now have your very own proxy site!!! Send us the site address and we'll add it to the list!

(The optional step but one which is required to actually make money is of course to put ads on the proxy pages... google ads can be put ONLY on the front page, and ads from different ad networks or sites on the "proxified pages" as well as popup)

The main problem in running a proxy is getting traffic, have no fear of that, we will send you thousands of unique hits if your proxy gets added to our (free) list.

If you get super rich a donation would be appreciated, but is by no means implied or necessary ;)








What can they do to stop this work around?
Hold on a second! Are you going to actually discuss how
they can stop you? Are you crazy??! WHY??!

This is why:
In chess it's good to be two moves ahead of your opponent.
These people (<politicians names here>, ICE etc) are such big morons we are so many steps ahead it's not even funny... so we will actually help them a bit.

We have countermoves for all of these moves of course ;)

1 - They seize
Possible, won't do much good but... possible.
We are also curious as to under what law they would do so.
We actually thought this would happen in round 1, but I guess we slapped those stupid, slimy, scummy, lowlifes harder than we wanted to and scared the crap out of them.

Seriously morons, what are you waiting for? is a .com and registered via an American registrar... how long do you want us to wait while you grow a pair? (Said 'pair' is referring to testicles, of course)

2 - Block the proxies?
Proxy sites are extremely useful to many folk, especially from repressive countries like China.
Just because we are piggy backing on a proxy site for this solution does in no way diminish the importance of a citizen's desire/right not to be tracked online by "big brother" or anyone else.

Sometimes a proxy is the only way a Chinese citizen can get a peek of the "bigger internet".

The US government itself has expressed it's desire to help oppressed people in countries like China to get out from under the great "firewall of China".

In fact, we saw Hillary Clinton go blah blah blah about it a little while back.
The next time someone please give her a bullet list (and extra coffee) so we just good the good parts quick, FFS.
(Really tired of: Look at paper, blah blah blah, look up, back to paper, blah blah blah, look up... rinse and repeat)

Blocking proxy sites for no other reason than being a proxy site is a direct slap in the face of freedom.
By doing so you might as well print out the Chinese flag and pin it over the American flag / your national flag.

With more proxies springing up around the world everyday, it would also be more fun to watch them trying to block each one than watching a kitten follow the red dot of a laser pen. :)

The downside is we would probably die of laughter listening to them explain why they think China is horrible for blocking their citizens from accessing the "full internet"... while taking away the very tools for the Chinese citizens to access the full internet.

!   [Top]










Support the PirateParty / EFF

While a donation to us is always appreciated if you do not wish to donate to a 'bunch of nobodys' in Sweden please consider supporting the following instead:

The Pirate Party - While we fight for change using tech these guys are fighting right in the MAFIAA's HQ. If we are to see actual political change this is our current best bet.
We are proud members of PP Sweden, ourselves!

The EFF - Lawyers fighting for good (yes, there are far too few of this kind, they do exist!). Seldom appreciated these guys fight an uphill battle in the shadows everyday. Heroes in our book.

The WWF - World wildlife fund. "Think of the chil...umm, animals!"
No seriously, these people are doing a lot of good and could do with your support.

Sea Sheppard - the heroes behind "whale wars". These guys are fighting their own corrupt industries and saving lives at the same time (whale lives).

Your local orphanage - Needs no explanation here, just do it!






BTGuard - BitTorrent Anonymously






At MAFIAAFire we believe in sharing the goodies ;)

The source is open and not obfuscated in any way or form.
In fact we left our internal comments there so it's easier to follow.

Download the extension, rename the .xpi to .zip, unzip with your favorite program, view the source.
Since it's in javascript it's quite easy to understand and easy to adapt to nearly any other programming language.

If you really need help, send us an email and we'll try to help you set it up in the following Perl, PHP, C, C++, Java, Python, C#, Objective C, Ruby and javascript of course (Sorry the list is not more extensive but that's all the expertise we have at MAFIAAFire).

Now that you know the concept and the path to take, add it to your programs, scripts and services.

We love opening a can of worms, now use those worms to catch a LOT of fish!
If it's a big fish use it like a club / bat to hit the MAFIAA with!

A little off topic, to our fellow developers out there:
While talk of building a new or side internet is great and very interesting when talking to other geeks (like us) doing so by it's very definition is giving up on this one.

We say that there is absolutely no reason to leave this jewel with the scumbags when they did little to nothing to build it but want to mine it till it can give them everything it ever was capable of producing.

As we have shown time and again (and will continue to do so) the tools and methods to kick them in the nuts already exists on the internet - all we have to do is think a bit differently to use our present tools in different ways.

As developers we are constantly fixing something that is broken and making new stuff, think of these f*ckwits as nothing more than a bug that we need to route around, then squish.













How many gazillions did this cost?

A totally legitimate question.

The MAFIAA have spent tens of millions to change laws, bribe the right people, try to force ISPs to do their bidding and so on... as this extension makes a lot of their "work" for nothing, how much did it cost?

The answer is, to us : nothing.

This extension was made in house at MAFIAAFire and in our spare time.

Yes, our better halves will disagree saying we could spend that time with them or our kids but it's exactly for those little ones that we do this. We don't want to leave them with a corporate controlled, walled and fragmented internet when we enjoyed the full experience for so long.

This did cost us some time that we could have spent with them but not a dime, penny, öre,paisa, fils or any other form of actual currency... we did promise to make it up to them with flowers and toys from some of the donations that kind people send us ;)












In closing...

Here's a big middle finger to anyone out there trying to censor the internet for their own (corporate)greed or (government) controlling motives.

We will continue to fight for freedom and privacy no matter if the players are government slimeballs (from the US, UK, France, Italy or anywhere else) or private money backers who have the "leaders" in their pockets.

We feel very deeply about the internet and will get as personal as possible against whoever tries to bring it down. If you are coming after us or working against us, you better hope you are spotless because we WILL run you against a f*cking UV lamp if we have to, searching for the smallest of stains.

Welcome to "The Lord Of The Rings - The slimeballs living in towers", Smeagol/Gollum is back (Sarkozy - although he is more the size of a dwarf), the Orcs (RIAA/MPAA), Gríma Wormtongue (Sarkozy's talentless hack of a wife) with various other trolls and monsters.

But instead of using a ring.., we are simply going to kick their asses.




"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety
deserve neither liberty nor safety."

- Benjamin Franklin


Greetings from Sweden:
The land that brought you TPB, eZee, ThePirateParty and pretty blonde Viking girls!
(A special thanks to Ernesto (TorrentFreak) followed by some people who regularly get our eyeballs: Mike Masnick,Rick Falkvinge, Christian Engström, Ray Beckerman, Michael Geist, Cory Doctorow, the EFF, the Pirate Party (Sweden/worldwide) and finally a certain unicorn and leprechaun!) [Top]

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