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Why did the MAFIAA pressure Google?
How it works...
So are you going to take over all my Google suggestions?
Does this *only* work on
Who made this?
Is this legal?
When I type many words it sometimes does not work, why?
Why is this a separate plugin instead of bundled with the MAFIAAFire Redirector?
What if Google changes their program to output the suggestions differently?
Where's the Chrome version?
What's next?
In closing...


First of all let us say one very important thing: We love Google!

They have given us some great products like Gmail, Android, Chrome etc with just a small price of a few ads… and a pinch of tracking. Overall we like the balance as the value is high.

We also like the way the big G stands up for what it believes in, and we understand G’s hands are tied to a certain extent because  of the pressure coming in from politicians… who the music and film industries sent “campaign donations” to over the years.

None the less, we think after sending a strong message to the DHS and ICE (some would go as far as calling it a ‘bitch slapping’) it’s time we reminded Google of something they said they would never forget: Do no evil.
Censorship on behalf a dinosaur industry is evil and it shall be killed with fire… MAFIAAFire! (Dum! Dum! Dum!) Sorry, just couldn’t resist :)

Our plugin removes this “evil” and also serves the dual purpose of reminding the big G, hence we named it: Gee! No evil!

We promised you more goodies, well… did we deliver or what?







After xxxxx amount of dollars (millions?) spent into pressuring a giant to go against its beliefs and censor the internet to protect their outdated models, we wanted to send a message to these goons:  Not only will we get those results back there but
1. We are going to put it on the first line (right on top)
2. Make it stand out more
3. Make it come up more often

You were p*ssed when someone typed “torr” and “torrent” was suggested?
Well, now all someone has to type is “t” and “torrent” will be suggested.
It does not matter if someone types that in the beginning or the end of a sentence.

We will keep adding more torrent and cyber related companies to this list via automatic updates, giving users options they never knew they had before.

Bit-torrent is a just protocol that helps people move large files around.
Cyber lockers serve an existing need on the internet;
we have used them hundreds of times to share project files.

Just because they don’t sit well within your limited, ignorant and teeny mind gives you no right to demonize or censor them (or force others to do so).

Nearly any torrent/cyberlocker site can get on our list*
and it will be constantly expanded with little to no cost to us, and a huge benefit to the end user/s.

Censoring results like this is a very slippery slope. Who has final say on which words get censored and where does it stop?

Censoring words based on violence, terrorism and child porn is quite understandable as it involves personal injury… even taking into account corporations are ‘people’ in the US, this is just ridiculous.

*Contact us with from an email address associated with your torrent / cyber locker site for details. For example if you own write to us from, other emails will be ignored as spam.
No spam, malware, violence, warez, CP, adware (like hotbar) loading etc known sites will be allowed.




Why did the MAFIAA pressure Google?

Well, looking at history we see that the MAFIAA are like a bunch of spoiled bully kids who try to pressure others into always doing their bidding. They want “an inch” and hope they can keep pulling till they get a yard… and then a mile.

While censoring the word “torrent” is not much, a person can quite easily type seven characters, the MAFIAA wanted to get their way with Google… as well as not remind the end user that such a word exists.

While the first part does not bother us as Google is a big boy who can take care of himself and for the most part stand up to his bullies… the second part is nothing but the dirty C word:

Using the “other C word” in conversation with us does not bother us as much as “censorship” does and rather than just reverse what these people have done we decided to take it a step further… we are going to almost constantly remind the end user that there are such services out there as he starts typing using nearly any alphabet on his keyboard.

Type “t” and torrent should jump out as a suggestion
“b” and bittorrent hops out
“x” xunlie pops out

As time goes by we will replace and add sites and services so the user will discover new services rather than just the popular ones.



How it works...

Google have removed the auto complete/suggest  feature for some words, but the user can still type these words in manually (exactly how when the DHS seizes a domain, the website still exists).

When you install the MAFIAAFire: Gee! No Evil! plugin it automatically downloads a list of these “banned” words. For an example let’s say the banned words are names like this:


When you next visit etc the plugin “wakes up” (if you visit any other website it does nothing) and checks your key stroke with the wordlist above. If you type “A” it will suggest “anna” to your search string, if you type “N” it will suggest “nicole”… it’s pretty smart as well: If you look at the above list of words you will see there are two names with “N”.

The way the plugin handles this is if you type “N” it will show you one of the two names, but if your second key stroke is “i” then it will switch to “Nicole”… or if your second keystroke was “a” it would switch to “Natalia”.

The idea behind this was so we can display more than one suggestion based on key strokes but not crowd the user with many unnecessary suggestions.

The plugin updates the word list every few days so new sites/words can be added and any “misbehaving” sites can be taken out.

It’s important to know that every suggestion that comes from the MAFIAAFire plugin will be clearly marked with blue text at the side, and a link to MAFIAAFire, informing you that this was from us and not “Google generated”.

We want to give you options, not mess with your results.

Like our first plugin (The MAFIAAFire Redirector) this plugin is made to be as simple as possible as well; no configuration, install, restart, all done! (A muahahahahaha is optional, but recommended.)




So are you going to take over all my Google suggestions?

Nope! We hate it when people try to push something down on us… even if it’s a good thing.

We believe there is such a thing as too much of a good thing, hence the plugin will only take one (1) line or max two (2) lines of your Google suggestions… the rest will be purely Google generated.




Does this *only* work on

No, we have tried to make it work on all Google.** domains including .com/.ru/.fr/.se etc

if it does not work in your country, drop us a line and we will try to update the plugin. We plan on covering nearly all country specific Google domains if possible.




Who made this?

You did!

Well, if you donated any money to us anyway :)

MAFIAAFire is a labor of love (and hate for the industries) to us. We are as “non profit” as possible, all donations are used to further our ideas and pay related bills, not to pad our wallets or take luxury cruises, buy cribs, fancy cars, wh*res, blow or bribe politicians.

The idea was conceived by us, the work was carried out by external developers paid for by YOUR donations. We then fine-tuned the plugin and changed it so even the original external developers don’t know what they created for us.

Let me repeat, the Gee! No Evil! plugin was 100% bought and funded by the public, not one cent or Swedish öre was spent from our pockets.

Thank you everyone, YOU made this possible!



Is this legal?

This plugin does nothing different than you typing a few extra characters in Google’s search box.
With the MAFIAAFire redirector it was : ICE taketh away, we giveth back.
With the MAFIAAFire Gee! No Evil it’s: MAFIAA taketh away, we giveth back.




When I type many words it sometimes does not work, why?

The plugin piggy backs on Google’s own suggestions.
If you type many words and Google does not suggest anything than the plugin cannot display anything.




Why is this a separate plugin instead of bundled with the MAFIAAFire Redirector?

Quite a few reasons really:

If we keep adding code to the MAFIAAFire redirector it’s going to get harder to manage and make updates for it.

If one plugin gets kicked out of the marketplace the way the DHS tried to take down the Redirector, the other plugin/s will be fine.

People who want just one set of functionality will not be forced to get the other plugins.




What if Google changes their program to output the suggestions differently?

Very possible and yes; the plugin will stop working then.

But keep in mind that the software running Google is huge and very complicated, they will have to spend a lot of time and energy (and money) to make the changes… and we will need to spend a couple of hours to update our plugin to make it work again.

Huge deal for Google, not even a minor annoyance to us.

If the MAFIAA go running to the big G! and try to tell them to do so anyway… we would love to be privy to that conversation because in the end (as the smart people behind Google understand what we wrote above is true) Google will tell them to sit on a upright pencil and spin… in the most polite way possible.

As a tech company on the cutting edge of innovation it’s not a very big secret that G don’t like the slimeoids/scum at MAFIAA central and their outdated business models… but they have to tolerate them none the less.





Where's the Chrome version?

Again, the Chrome version will be released later (just like how the Redirector was ported)… if we get enough donations for a port to Chrome.

Sorry but right now it’s all done on donations – which are as scarce as a RIAA backed politician’s morals.




What's next?

Well, we have 3 projects in the works that are going to rock the net just like the MAFIAAFire Redirector did but we don’t have the funds for it.

We need $750 for the first project, if you feel you can spare something for people who have shown you more than once we deliver on our promises… check out the donate button on top ;)

We took on the COICA law and kicked it’s butt (as well as some cold ICE butt), we have now taken on the “pressure search engines into doing our bidding” and we are all set to take on PROTECT IP as well as two other areas but we just do not have time (or the funds) to do this by ourselves.

We need your help, if we do not deliver on the next project as promised… then we know you will ignore the other two we have in the works.

Trust us once again, we promise to not let you down.




In closing:

We wanted to wait before making this announcement, wait till it was complete, but with this new publicity we thought we would take the opportunity to inform you guys that our idea to totally screw with PROTECT IP the way we did with COICA is more than halfway done!

If PROTECT IP ever gets passed in its present state our idea and technological solution is going to make it (and the people who pushed it) look as useful as a sack of poo. In fact ,at this point we are hoping it will pass so we can show these morons how easy it is to get past their “hurdles”.

These people are so stupid they probably think the best way to kill a bird is to throw it off a cliff.

* MAFIAAFire does not condone cruelty to birds.

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