Win a spy camera!


Pretty simple! Simply donate $5 or more and once we reach the $100 mark (which we will use to hire external devs to create more add-ons / updates etc) we will hold a raffle and the winner gets sent the camera!
Every $5 gets you 1 ticket so if you donate $15 you get 3 tickets!

"" has donated a camera to us which we will send you! Check out the site - it has loads of fun gadgets!
More pictures of the camera and it's description can be found here!


To keep things fair there should be a minimum of 10 people in the raffle or it gets carried over to the next month.
The raffle will be on the last week of the month or the beginning (1st week) of the month.
You can opt to just donate and not get entered into the camera raffle - just mention this with your donation please.
Donations for this raffle must come through PayPal.
Winner pays postage (89kr - around 12USD - with tracking a few bucks more - we can scan and send you the receipt)
The raffle judge/s decision is final.

Any questions... just contact us!

or you can also send us a micropayment (or larger) using Flattr by clicking below!
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If you cannot donate (been there) for whatever reason, no worries. We do appreciate the kind thought :)
Spread the word though!

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