Why donate?

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Well, if this plug-in has helped you, or you like this plug-in - what it does or what it negates;
you can donate to show your appreciation!

A donation also encourages us to keep supporting this plugin with updates and bug fixing hunts!

Like most people (entertainment industry people won't be able to relate to this) we have regular jobs, and a limited amount of time to either work on this project or our regular job which puts food on the table for us and our families - your donations would help us concentrate on improving this plugin rather than jeopardize our families stomach.

Even a $3 would help if enough people sent it in (note that paypal charges a processing fee...)

Please don't forget to add a note in your donation,we would love to hear from you!
You can donate to us as a thank you
or to specifically to buy us a beer
or a glass of coco / coica

or for ideas for future anti-MAFIAA projects that weI presently just don't have the time and money to pursue.
Or... site upkeepment, not as glamorous but we need to pay domain, hosting and bandwidth fees.
(Optional: Along with your donation write which of the above your donation is for!)

We may not be able to reply to every donation thanking you, but we appreciate every donation so... thank you once again!

Top 3
$55 comes from Zell Faze who wants to be known for b*tch slapping the MAFIAA !!
The second big one came from Mr.F at $75 (May you have a fabulous life surrounded by fantastic people at all times)!
The biggest came from Mr.W (Newzbin) with $xxx (Whoa!)
(All donations are anonymous but we can put your initials up here as a thank you! Just mention it in your donation.)

PoG donated a fabulous new spy camera for our donation promo!

Thank you everyone!
We appreciate every donation small or big - grandmom always said: The ocean is a large collection of tiny drops!!

The MAFIAA claim that "everyone" want stuff _only_ for free and "pirates" never pay for anything. Well, our plug-in and extension is free, $0, gratis and yet the above people have sent us money. Could it be the MAFIAA is... lying??!!?? ZOMG!

Or send us an Amazon Gift Certification our address is

or you can also send us a micropayment (or larger) using Flattr by clicking below!
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...and by popular demand trying "Bitcoins" as well!
Our bitcoins address is: 1LAro7PbeJopJGJtUcqEMVySMSe2rcM8Bt

If you cannot donate (been there) for whatever reason, no worries. We do appreciate the kind thoughts :)
Please spread the word, though!

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